Force charset utf-8

If you can not change the configuration of Apache server, use this code to force decoding of page to utf-8.

AddDefaultCharset utf-8


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    hi dude, i am following your contents since 6 months, every thing is amazing………..

    i have one issue!!!

    i am creating web using tamil font (south indian language) in that i am using ajax in addvance search to get the data from db, ajax is working gr8 but fonts are not coming its comes like box symbol i have worked with character sets and other aspects too…..

    please help me to solve the issue.

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    not working

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    Mohamed Yahia
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    UTF inside HTML code is better always ..

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    With me works excelent :)

    Very very good

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    Pefect for “PageSpeed Insights”

    Add this in .htaccess: AddDefaultCharset utf-8

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