Text Dripping Blood

.blood {
       4px 4px 1px #300000,
       4px 6px 1px #400000,
       4px 8px 1px #500000,
       4px 10px 1px #600000,
       4px 12px 1px #700000,
       4px 14px 1px #800000,
       4px 16px 1px #900000,
       4px 18px 1px #A00000,
       4px 20px 1px #B00000,
       4px 22px 1px #C00000,
       4px 24px 1px #D00000,
       4px 26px 1px #E00000,
       4px 28px 1px #F00000,
       4px 30px 1px #FA0000,
       4px 32px 1px #FB0000,
       4px 34px 1px #FC0000,
       4px 36px 1px #FD0000,
       4px 38px 1px #FE0000,
       4px 40px 2px #FF0000;
<h1 class="blood">Vampire!</h1>



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    Jack Nycz
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    While I would never in my life use that particular styling, it is cool to see all the things you really can do with text-shadow. Can you do something similiar with -moz-border-radius and -webkit-border-radius? Don’t know exactly why you would but it might have some cool effects, will definitely be screwing around with that later.

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    Looks like its time for experimenting

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    Find all scary and horrible Halloween Fonts of vampires, pumpkin, witches and ghosts on our site = Halloween Fonts.

  4. User Avatar
    Denis Leblanc
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    That’s some pretty awesome stuff I’m going to change the headings on all of my clients’ websites. They’ll be so excited. I’d probably have to go back to swinging a hammer shortly after.

    On the bloody text topic, check out Bloody Finger Mail, a flash app by Engine Digital here in Canada.

  5. User Avatar
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    Very Nice idea! :)

  6. User Avatar
    BERT thePenguin
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    If you combine it with sparkles you can make a website for that friend that’s obsessed with Twilight.

  7. User Avatar
    Mohtisham ahmed
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    nice work…

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