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Style Override Technique

p { 
   font-size: 24px !important; 

The !important rule at the end of a value will override any other style declarations of that attribute, including inline styles.

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  1. mansur
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    Wow… I learn new thing here… TQ for the snippet..

  2. Chris

    It’s evil!!!
    Code clean and you dont have to do this.

  3. Joachim
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    Chris, it’s not evil but sometimes neccessary. Imagine you use something like Joomla and need to chnage CSS styles of a module. If they update the module all is gone. But if you extract the styles you want to edit and “import” them, you can attach your onw CSS with the changes and most times you will have no trouble updating :)

  4. Abhinav Banerjee(India)
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    how to overrid the color of sticky color style:
    For Example:
    I get #fff as color even when sticky class is added in sticky navigation.
    Please Help!!

  5. chris
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    good good I learnt something new today

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