Removing Dotted Outline

a {
   outline: 0;

Be careful removing outline styles from links, as they are a usability feature. If you do, make sure to define clear focus styles.

If your problem is that the dotted outlines travel all the way to the left or right of the screen because they are floated, try setting the overflow to hidden.


  1. elandy2009
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    A note: The “outline” CSS property doesn’t work in IE6 and IE7.

  2. Chris
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    This works.

    a {
    outline-style: none;

  3. Miguel Mendez
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    *:focus { outline: 0; }

  4. Court Kizer

    Outline: 0 none; <– Use this for perfect outline kill, every…single…time

  5. Karl Groves

    It is important to remember that if you remove this outline, you should replace it with something else. I recommend using both the :focus and :hover pseudo-classes as a means of providing this important feedback to both mouse and keyboard-only users.

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