Print URL After Links

@media print{
       a:after{content:" (" attr(href) ") ";font-size:0.8em;font-weight:normal;}
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    Montana Flynn
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    Simply amazing. A great tut would be all about Print stylesheets! Thanks Chris!

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    Ahmad Awais
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    A demo would have been a lot much handy here !

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    Demo can be found here:

    It’s also possible to turn the link black by adding color: #000, but text-decoration: none; doesn’t seem to work.

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    If you’re curious about browser support see the CSS tricks entries for
    Pseudo elements (:after)
    CSS content property

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    Don’t suppose anyone knows a nice method of doing this but excluding > “mailto:” from select links?

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      Vernon Fowler
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      You could use attribute selectors to filter out mailto: links by using a regular expression that matches href starting with http – see This would include links with the https protocol too.

      Something like the following but add in the :after at the correct place.

      @media print{
       a[href^="http"] { /* do stuff */ }
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      It is generally useful to give those links which you want displayed in this way a class — I usually call it .external — so that mailto: links and internal links (href="#foo") don’t display in print.

      BTW you should not insert any whitespace after the closing paren. What if it comes right before a punctuation character!?

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