Not-Terrible Image Resizing in IE

img {
       -ms-interpolation-mode: bicubic;

If you scale down an image with width and/or height attributes, it's going to look terrible in IE unless you use this.


  1. panchicore
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    Thanks! My thumbnails has improved 100% with this hack! :D

  2. LuK
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    for which versions of IE is this helpful…I couldn’t really tell if this has an effect in IE6/7

  3. Dyllon
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    wow, it looks better then it does in firefox when i size them really small. thanks!

  4. MaT
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    I love using this in my reset stylesheet! mmmmmm :D

  5. Wal
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    I do not recommend the use of Internet Explorer because it is very stupid

    I would recommend the use of the browser is always the best FireFox

    • MaxArt
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      Dude, Firefox is so, like, last decade. Jurassic.
      Chrome is the only way to go. Everybody uses Chrome.

      JK. It’s just that this isn’t the place for browser fighting.
      The main problem for web developers is that there are a bunch of outdated browsers around, which are mainly Intenter Explorer 6-7-8, but I have to mention Firefox 3.x too…

  6. Jack
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    Just a heads up to everyone else trying to get this to work (it wasn’t for me). Your image cannot have transparency. Save it out as a solid background GIF/PNG and you’re good to go.

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