Hide Scrollbar in Edge, IE 10/11

You can make it auto-hiding instead of always-showing:

html {
  -ms-overflow-style: -ms-autohiding-scrollbar;

Turns out like this:

Credit to Thierry Koblentz for digging this gem out of Jon Neal's Sanitize.css.


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    Hide scrollbar in Edge? I wish it would show for once. It keeps disappearing and it’s impossible to close certain windows on the page without scrolling up to the top to get to the top right x of the window. I have to try and guess where the invisible scrollbar in the browser is and try clicking everywhere close to the right hand side of the browser and it takes many, many clicks before it suddenly become visible and then only briefly: if I accidentally click below the scrollbar it will disappear again with as many efforts to get it to come up again. Not cool at all.

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    For further information this happens particularly when playing the Plarium Sparta War of Empires game. Games use more resources of course but does this browser’s scrollbar take so many resources that it competes with a game? I don’t have the same problem in Chrome.

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