Forcing Grayscale Printing

At the time of this writing, this will only work in Chrome 18+, but it's standardized so support will eventually come to everywhere.

@media print {
  body {
    /* IE4-8 and 9 (deprecated). */
    filter: Gray();
    /* SVG version for IE10, Chrome 17, FF3.5, 
       Safari 5.2 and Opera 11.6 */
    filter: url('#grayscale'); 
    /* CSS3 filter, at the moment Webkit only. Prefix it for
       future implementations */
    -webkit-filter: grayscale(100%); 
    filter: grayscale(100%); /* future-proof */


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    I was trying to use this code in my blog social icons but it’s not working well:

    Chrome – great result, the icon appears in grayscale
    IE – the icon appears with color
    Firefox – the icon doesn’t appear at all

    I think it’s this line that doesn’t work:

    filter: url('#grayscale'); 

    I have the svg filter when the body tag opens as defined in the referenced url.

    Any idea how to solve it?

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    for me its not working for IE10 how to make it for IE10

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    Not working for ie 10

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