CSS Font Families


Arial, sans-serif;
Helvetica, sans-serif;
Gill Sans, sans-serif;
Lucida, sans-serif;
Helvetica Narrow, sans-serif;


Times, serif;
Times New Roman, serif;
Palatino, serif;
Bookman, serif;
New Century Schoolbook, serif;


Andale Mono, monospace;
Courier New, monospace;
Courier, monospace;
Lucidatypewriter, monospace;
Fixed, monospace;


Comic Sans, Comic Sans MS, cursive;
Zapf Chancery, cursive;
Coronetscript, cursive;
Florence, cursive;
Parkavenue, cursive;


Impact, fantasy;
Arnoldboecklin, fantasy;
Oldtown, fantasy;
Blippo, fantasy;
Brushstroke, fantasy;


  1. Jonathan
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    How come Georgia is missing?

    • Chris Radford

      Georgia, serif; – you probably guessed that though!

      I did wonder the same thing, although there are an awful lot of fonts out there so its no surprise a few are missing.

    • imgeweb

      Very very nice ;)

    • Faudzif
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      You have to add Georgia manually from css font family panel name of option “Edit Font List”

  2. Lol-zanite
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    I believe there is also a corbel missing… Please correct me if I’m wrong…

    font-family: corbel;

  3. wolf
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  4. whom
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    please ask me that how to install font in dreamwear

    • B Johnson
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      You don’t need to install a font in Dreamweaver. It is is your main fonts within your system or should be installed within your system fonts.

      If you are referring to the Font-Family list within Dreamweaver, it depends on the version of DW you are using. Just search for something like, “font-families” or “install font family” under the Help menu and you should find the area or menu area in which to do this. It is probably under “PREFERENCES” within the main “File” menu, but I cannot say for sure.

      The help menu is my 1st stop for any quick help I need, but that is just me. Good luck

  5. Gayle
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    Is there a way to find out which font family a font you may wish to use falls into. For example if I want to download and use a Colossalis font how do I find out which family it may fall into so that I can use a fallback list with the generic font at the end – hope this makes sense.

  6. Ashish
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    Hi..can you please tell me whats name for u.s 101 font-family in css

  7. Aarav

    Please tell me how to use font family in notpad

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