Slides From Recent Presentations

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As you know, slides alone pale in comparison to being there to see a talk, but I still feel they are worth sharing. I’ve just gotten to posting up my last three prepared talks on SpeakerDeck.

RSS readers, you’ll have to visit the site to see these as the SpeakerDeck embeds are scripts.

A Modern Web Designer’s Workflow

I plan to keep this one up to date for years to come, adjusting for new tools and ways of doing things as my own workflow changes.

How To Stay Up To Date on Web Technology

This one is brand new and designed to be more philosophical than instructional. This one gave me the motivation to get these online because the end of it has a section called “The Boss Slides” full of links’n’stuff that you could tell your boss about if you forgot to take notes during a conference.

Let’s Do A Bunch of Simple Stuff to Make Websites Faster

I made a screencast of this one, but never posted the slides. So here are those. As the title says, it’s simple stuff, but important not to mess up.