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I know some of you have a visceral and negative feeling toward the word serverless. I felt that way at first too, but I’m kinda over it. Even if it’s not a perfect word, it’s done a good job of encapsulating a movement into a single word. That movement is far more than I’m qualified to explain.

But I do very much think it’s worth knowing about. Developers of all sorts can take advantage of it, but I’m particularly fascinated about what it can do to extend the front-end developer toolbelt.

I made a website called The Power of Serverless for Front-End Developers just for this! Rather than re-hash what is says there here, I’ll just send you there:

The site offers an introduction to why I find it compelling, a list of ideas that might fit nicely into a front-end developers wheelhouse who is looking to expand what they know how to do, and a growing list of resources.

Perhaps the most useful feature of the site is a big ol’ list of services that fit into the serverless bucket. You’ve got options!

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