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Registration Now Available

For those of you who like to leave comments here on CSS-Tricks (Thanks, by the way!), I wanted to make it easier for you. You can now register for an account. Then when you are logged in, you don’t have to fill out that Name / Email / Website thing every single time you want to comment.

There may be benefits for registering sometime in the future, like potentially some exclusive content or exclusive screencast or something.

Screencasting Updates

There is about 500 subscribers to the screencasts now. Very cool! By far the most popular are the first three on converting a Photoshop mockup into a CSS/XHTML website. I’ve gotten lots of good feedback on those, even though they were arguably the roughest of the bunch. I plan do another 3-part (or more) series on converting another Photoshop mockup. I think it will be worthwhile, since every site is so different the conversion process is always different.

Other upcoming videos (probably): Static Width vs. Fluid Width vs. Elastic Width, Fun with Z-Index, Working Modularly with PHP Includes, and Applying the PNG Hack

Top 5000

Technorati has decided this is a “Top 5000” blog. I think for being a pretty “niche” subject, that’s pretty cool! Thanks for all the incoming links ya’ll.

New Things Coming

I always have lots of ideas rolling around in the ol’ noggin for this site. (You should see my list of draft posts….). But I have some bigger plans too. For one thing, I want to add an “examples” page much like the current “videos” page which highlights some of the better examples and templates that I’ve created for this site. Another thing I’m thinking about is creating forums. I get a decent number of emails from you folks asking questions about stuff and about troubleshooting. I think it would be cool if maybe we could post those questions into a forum setting instead and I could answer them there. Then everyone could benefit and weight in from those questions. My only concern is that I’ve seen some pretty sad ghost-town CSS forums out there and I wouldn’t want this to turn into that. It needs to be very simple and very clear. “Post here – Get an Answer.” More ideas on the way too, but I’ll let you know when they get closer to fruition.

UPDATE: Javascript Issues

I meant to publish this with the article but I forgot. I’m having trouble with a couple of javascript-related things on the site. For one, some people are reporting that when they vote on a poll, the whole page goes blank except you see the poll results in plain text. David Walsh has a theory that the Javascript is trying to write to a DIV that isn’t there, and thus the whole page is getting written over. Most people (including me) aren’t seeing this, but if anyone else is and might know what is wrong, please let me know! Also, my OpenID plugin is loading the jquery library, which is kicking out another small error “ret[ret.length – 1] has no properties“. I would LOVE to get these problems fixed, so if anyone can help, I’d be super grateful (I’ll even pay ya if you need to do some troubleshooting).