ShopTalk Goes Video

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Chris Coyier on

Dave and I slapped up a little videos section of the ShopTalk website. Twelve so far! They are short-ish, between 10-20 minutes, each focused on one fairly specific thing. We’re kinda just dipping our toes here — we don’t even have a real proper name for them yet! The place to subscribe to them is YouTube, and you might actually be subscribed already as we’ve been publishing them right to the CSS-Tricks YouTube Channel. There is a direct RSS feed as well if you’re cool like that.

Dave wrote:

One nice by-product of exploring video is that we get a chance to re-explain mouth-coding examples or overly visual concepts that were probably confusing on the audio podcast. As much as I love podcasting, the lack of visual examples for a visual field like Web Design and Development is a limitation. I like that the YouTube series is like supplementary material to ideas covered in the podcast, rather than a replacement.

Quick hits:

  • If you have topic ideas you’d like to see, hit me in the comments or anywhere else.
  • If you have ideas on how to make the show work, also let me know (E.g. Is the quality OK? Is the length OK? Are the thumbnails OK? What else can we do to appease the YouTube Algorithm Gods?)
  • Should we actually stream it?
  • Smash that Like and Subscribe button.