ShopTalk 248: AMP

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AMP is wildly polarizing.

Huge tech companies evangelize for it. It has loads of tech partners and loads of publishers using it. Well-respected companies are building things for it.

There is also a ton of backlash. It’s too easy to break. It gives Google far too much control. It’s not entirely progressive enhancement friendly. Offline development is harder. The caching layer means clicking a link from Google search results shows the site without ever leaving, which is concerning for any number of reasons, a small one being that it makes sharing the URL weird. That’s just a few. I’ve heard quite the laundry list of complaints.

On this episode of ShopTalk we discuss all things AMP with someone on the AMP team (and who’s own blog is entirely AMP) and an entrepreneur building a service around AMP. Do they wonder if AMP is helping or hurting the web? They do.

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