The Seventh Fourth

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Crazy to think CSS-Tricks is seven years old. It’s true! It’s a tradition [(1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6)] to mark the occasion.

I’m not feeling as self-reflective as I normally am this year for some reason. I do feel like it’s important to jot a few things down though as I never regret that.

I’m still living in Milwaukee in the same house and I quite like it. A year from now my land contract will be complete and, all goes well, I’ll own it. I’ve been settling in there doing stuff like painting the porch, weeding the side yard, and planting vegetables.

I think my favorite part about Milwaukee is how bikeable it is. I bike everywhere.

My work life is still focused on CodePen, CSS-Tricks, and ShopTalk. That’s perfect for me. I’m starting to accumulate some more responsibilities outside of those, which I’m excited about, but I want to be really careful they wrap up cleanly and I can retain a good amount of focus on my main projects.

Current status on each…

ShopTalk: We just recorded a little weird celebratory episode for #123 and have no signs of slowing down for releasing a new episode every week for all time to come.

CSS-Tricks: Just need to keep writing. I always underestimate site maintenance and need to start giving that more thought. There is literally always something that needs attention in the basic workings of the site. I really need to get a new Lodge series out, and have a plan. I’d like to move T-Shirt sales into the WordPress-powered area of the site, so that’ll probably happen within the next few months at most.

CodePen: We’ve released some big features lately so before we dig into more of them (and there are a ton to come) we’re going to spend some weeks (months?) on cleaning house. Improving code, fixing bugs, polishing features, etc. Polish IS a feature.

Here’s to another great year!