Seen by Indeed

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Are you looking for a tech job where you clock in, or for a career where you’ll be seen?

Seen by Indeed is a matching service for software engineers, product managers and other tech pros that sorts through thousands of companies — like Twilio, Overstock, VRBO, and PayPal — and matches tech talent like you to the role that’ll take you further. Not only does Seen by Indeed match on things like skills, experience and salary, but we’re with you every step of the way with free one-on-one career coaching, resume reviews and in-depth resources.

So, whether you need negotiation tips, networking strategies or just want to talk to someone about your career, Seen by Indeed has you covered. In fact, you can start by getting a free resume review that covers formatting, how to beat the resume-screening bots and personalized tips on how to show yourself off.

What are you waiting for? Put Indeed’s new tech-focused matching platform to use to move up in your career.

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