Screencasting a Complete Redesign (Get Access on Kickstarter!)

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Hey folks, I got some big news. Part of me going off on my own is that I plan to work harder on CSS-Tricks. Part of that is doing the biggest and best redesign ever. So I figured, why do all that in a cave? Instead, I’ll screencast every last bit of it and make it available to you. It will be available in a private access area that you can get access to by backing the project on Kickstarter.

Here’s my explanation and appeal:

I’m planning to make it quite comprehensive, breaking things down into small easily digestible bits. I have a plan, but I’m also going to be doing lots of off-the-cuff stuff as it comes up in the process. For instance, choosing and setting up the private access area to begin with. Here’s some of what we’ll cover:

  • Visual design decisions and process
  • Writing semantic HTML and using HTML5
  • Working with WordPress and crafting a heavily customized theme
  • Writing CSS and using CSS3
  • Working efficiently
  • Responsive design and all the complex issues that come along with that
  • Using cool tools like Sass with Compass and CodeKit
  • Using JavaScript and jQuery where we need it
  • The version control (git) and deployment setup
  • Making good choices around monetization

I would absolutely love your support on this. I think the rewards will be worth it.

Help fund this project and get access on Kickstarter.