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Save Money on SSL Certificates with SSLmatic

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If any of you have built an eCommerce site for a client, you have probably dealt with buying and installing an SSL certificate for the site. While this isn't required, it's kind of stupid not to. I sure as heck wouldn't buy anything from a website needing my credit card without seeing that secure lock in my browser window.

Most hosting companies have some kind of deal worked out with some SSL certificate provider or another. Sometimes they set something up where you can just order it directly (or submit a support ticket) and they will install it for you. Chances are, if you go this route, you are throwing money away. Sure, it might be easier, and if that's worth it to you more power to you. But be aware that you can buy your own SSL certificates too!

This is where SSLmatic comes in. SSLmatic sells security certificates at discount rates. But these aren't some shady SSL certificates from some unknown weird provider. They come from the best providers in the business.

  • RapidSSL - $19.95/year (regularly $79.95)
  • GeoTrust - $99.99/year (regularly $299)
  • VeriSign - $349.99/year - (regularly $399.99)

If you already have a security certificate, and want to renew it for more time, you can also do that through SSLmatic. It's a good idea too, because renewing through them gives you extra "bonus months" to extend the life of your certificate. See their FAQ for more info.

I have a cheap SSL certificate that I got through SSLmatic right here on CSS-Tricks! Check it out. I have it set up so that it mimics the content of the normal site. You may notice the broken lock... it's not because the certificate isn't valid, it's just there is some hard links to non-secure stuff on my page. If I actually needed it, I would get all that stuff cleaned up and the lock would be whole.

They guys over at SSLmatic were very cool and helpful to me when I was getting mine set up, great customer service

Get a free SSL certificate!

They have offered up five free RapidSSL certificates for me to give away to CSS-Tricks readers. If you would like one, just leave a comment below with "free certificate" somewhere in the body of the comment.

If you would like to, share if you have ever installed an SSL certificate before, the website you would install it on, and why. Totally not required though, I just think it might make for a more interesting conversation.

This Friday I'll do the ol' random number generator thing and pick the five winners, who will be contacted directly from SSLmatic. Obviously, please use your real email address when commenting so I can pass it to them. It will never be published or otherwise shared.

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