Roundup of Design Galleries

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I have a Happy New Year’s gift for all you CSS-Tricks readers! It’s a big roundup of all those web design galleries that are so popular these days. I’ve been wanting do a round of these for a while, and then when I finally started looking into it I found that there are tons and tons of them. Where to begin?


Well I just started looking — I looked at easily over 100 of them. Then I compiled a list of the common features of those sites and started keeping track. I ended up with: Thumbnails, Dated?, Rated?, Comments?, Advertising Annoyingness, Submissions?, Searchable By, Browseable By, Other Content, and RSS. At first I started do some value judgments like general quality level, freshness, and extra notes/comments, but in the end I decided to leave my own feelings out of it. The one value judgement that made it is the Advertising Annoyingness level, just because I found it relevant and kind of funny.

I also had to cut a lot of galleries. Here are some reasons a gallery might have gotten cut:

  • It completely sucked.
  • It obviously hasn’t been updated in months.
  • Non-English (There were lots of galleries, good and bad, in other languages. I just decided to keep this list English only. Many of the galleries link out to non-English sites though.)
  • It ONLY aggregated content from other sites
  • It was targeted at only a specific type/style of design.

So there you have it, enjoy The Great Web Design Gallery Roundup.

p.s. I’m sure there are some I missed, so feel free to contact me and let me know and I’ll add them.