Rough Notation

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Chris Coyier on

This is a neat little library. It uses SVG to insert hand-drawn looking annotations to elements (probably text), like underlines and box highlights (there are 6 design options, all configurable). Super clever.

Here’s a little demo:

Aside from it just being cool, I really like how it was released. You can use it from npm. It’s ready to be used via ES6 imports. You can just use it as a <script src>. Then, if you happen to be using a JavaScript framework, there are wrappers for React, Vue, Svelte, Angular, and Web Components. Nice.

Not all projects take that approach. Here’s another very cool project: gooey-react. It takes the gooey effect concept and essentially gives it an API via React/JSX.

Again, this is very cool and clever and I love it — but imagine another approach instead, perhaps an HTML wrapper with data-* attributes to control the effect. With that, wrappers could be (easily?) made in any JavaScript framework.

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