Repoll! Whose Responsibility is “Mobile” Design?

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In this first time ever in CSS-Tricks history, we’re going to re-run the same poll we’ve ran in the past. Now, more than five years after the original poll, we’re going to ask:

What is your opinion as to the web designers role in mobile design?

If you have to decide where more responsibility lies, you would say:

  • It is my job to make sure the website looks and functions well on mobile devices.
  • It is the mobile devices job to make sure my website looks and functions well.

You can vote from the actual poll on the site. In the sidebar on larger screens, down a ways on smaller screens.

I realize the language is a bit funky here, but I’m trying to keep the question the same so that the difference in data collected is meaningful. I realize that we’ve expanded our thinking lately and that “mobile” isn’t as useful of a word as it used to be (i.e. doesn’t cover TV’s and game consoles and refrigerators and whatnot). If you’d like, consider the question in the context of that wider array of devices.

I also imagine many people feel it is a combination of responsibility, so choose which you feel the weight of responsibility is higher. Or if equal, abstain from voting.

As I wrote in the last wrapup five years ago about the (now defunct) Adobe Device Central:

I hope I never need to consult this for just regular websites. There are just too many devices all with different screen sizes and capabilities it would just be a nightmare.