A Redesign with CSS Shapes

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CSS Shapes is like the perfect example for progressive enhancement these days. Kinda like border-radius was. Older browsers have square corners! Who cares! CSS Shapes allow you to wrap text irregularly – like along the path of a circle().

Eric Meyer uses it on a production page and shows how it works. Here’s some code I snagged from the CSS on the site itself showing it only being applied on large screens with support:

@media only screen and (min-width: 720px) {

  @supports (shape-outside: circle()) {

    .single-page article .complex-content img.right {
      shape-outside: circle(150px at 170px 130px);



Jen Simmons has a bunch of great demos of this as well. Looks like shape-outside supports circle(), ellipse(), polygon(), and url() but not path() yet.

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