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I was out last week getting my bluegrass festival thing on. I’m just catching up with the ol’ internet and thought I’d recap the interesting bits:

  • Modernizr 2 is out and it has new stuff like vendor prefix testing, media query support, and better docs.
  • Theoretically, you can kern text by adding spans and tweaking margin. But that’s a huge pain in the ass. Now you can use Kern.js (plus Lettering.js actually on your page) to click-and-drag tweak a headlines kerning then snag the CSS. So it’s not just a theory anymore, it’s pretty easy.
  • Dan Mall redesigned his site and it’s great.
  • Apple had their big WWDC thing and Safari (the oldest of all the modern browsers) will be updated finally and has some new CSS and font-related stuff. I hope it uses a pretty recent version of WebKit so we can get stuff like HTML5 form features back.

    Also pointed out in the keynote that mobile browsing is friggin huge and getting huger, especially now that Apple devices are no longer going to require having a computer.

  • Google has little +1 buttons you can stick on sites now that I’m tempted to use but probably won’t.
  • Adaptive Web Design (the book) is now out and apparently Responsive Web Design is coming out tomorrow on A Book Apart.

What else did I miss?

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