Quick Critiques with CritiqueTheSite.com

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Chris Coyier on

I made a thing. The idea is to have a super-quick, nearly mindless way to get a critique-based conversation thread going based on any URL. See:

http://critiquethesite.com/css-tricks.com (it works best with big wide monitors, since there is the fixed left comment area, then the entire site to the right)

You could even use a path to an image file for a unique critique on that.

If you want to get notifications for any new comments on your specific URL, just be the first to comment at it and use the “follow” featured when commenting.

This is intentionally super simple. It’s just some URL parsing PHP, an iframe, and Echo. Some iframe-busting sites (e.g. Twitter) won’t work. You can’t moderate your own comments. People can’t post anonymously though, so I think rudeness will be kept down. Don’t mistake a harsh critique for rudeness though, critique by nature is pointing out flaws (to be helpful).

Someday I’d love to build in some drawing and annotation tools directly over the iframe for making context-specific notes.

I’m going to throw out there that this is “Beta”. So maybe someday the comment system will change and comments made now will be lost. This isn’t meant for long term storage like that anyway. The idea is quick feedback.

If you find any bugs/problems, or have any other kind of feedback, you can leave it in the comments here. Thanks!