A Few Picks from 24 Ways 2015

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Strong year for 24 Ways! The whole archives is worth browsing through and bookmarking the articles that most interest you. Here’s some of our favorites:

  • In Putting My Patterns through Their Paces, Ethan Marcotte writes about his experiences with flexbox properties and how he helped redesign The Toast with progressive enhancement techniques in order to preserve the integrity of the content. He asks “What if someone doesn’t browse the web like I do?
  • In Being Customer Supportive, Elizabeth Galle tells us “You write the apologies, but you also have the chance to make each person’s experience with your company or product a little bit better for next time.”
  • In What I Learned about Product Design This Year, Meagan Fisher says “if you want to do it well, and account for every user, product design is so much more snarly and tangled than you’d expect going in.”
  • In Cooking Up Effective Technical Writing, one of Sally Jenkinson’s tips is to write in “small, reusable components” so when you are writing and think “Do I really have to explain how to install Sass and Node.js again, Sally?” you don’t have to, you can link it it without bloating the article.
  • In How Tabs Should Work, Remy Sharp tackles a UI pattern (tabs) by creating a checklist of requirements to do the job well and building from there (rather than doing the bare minimum and thus a rather bad job).

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