Printliminator Update

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If you’ve been using The Printliminator, you may have noticed some updates to it. That’s the cool part about a bookmarklet that references external code, updates and new features can be pushed out without having to have everyone ditch the old one and get the new one!

  • Undo button! Anything you can do in Printliminator, you can now undo, one step at a time.
  • Added note about using ALT key on PC instead of Option.
  • Slight design change. Square design now to accommodate undo button, and buttons now have hover and active states rather than just hover.
  • Little bit of code optimization. Just to make it slightly cleaner and smaller.

The biggest known issue right now is Internet Explorer compatibility. It basically works, but you can’t see the red outlines when clicking on things because it uses the CSS outline property to do that which isn’t supported in older IE’s.

Outline is ideal here, because it doesn’t affect the layout of elements so the page stays nicely intact as you mouse around. We considered using a border and then applying negative margin to compensate, but that is going to get real hairy and still might cause layout problems.

New Demo Movie

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