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We were recently re-doing the signup page for Are My Sites Up, and we were looking at the way we were ordering our plans. At the time, it was from least expensive (free) to most expensive (Premium Pro). We looked around at a couple of other web services to see how they were doing it, and at first look it seemed like everyone was doing it the opposite way:


Of course, I’m not one to just up and do something just because everyone else is doing it. In looking around at more web apps, some people were definitely doing it the other way:



So, does it matter?

Well, ultimately, I switched AMSU around:

But I’m not entirely convinced it is going to have any effect. The only proof would be in the numbers, and our sales volume just isn’t high enough to have any hard-data comparisons that would be very reliable. So all we have to go on is gut instinct as a designers.

My own gut instinct is that it matters a little, but much more important is just overall layout and design fundamentals. First and foremost, the “plans” need to be clearly presented and everything needs to be easy and quick to understand. After that is accomplished, suggestive selling is more effectively accomplished through color and sizing than through order.