Posters! (for CSS Flexbox and CSS Grid)

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Any time I chat with a fellow web person and CSS-Tricks comes up in conversation, there is a good chance they’ll say: oh yeah, that guide on CSS flexbox, I use that all the time!

Indeed that page, and it’s cousin the CSS grid guide, are among our top trafficked pages. I try to take extra care with them making sure the information on them is current, useful, and the page loads speedily and properly. A while back, in a round of updates I was doing on the guides, I reached out to Lynn Fisher, who always does incredible work on everything, to see if she’d be up for re-doing the illustrations on the guides. Miraculously, she agreed, and we have the much more charismatic illustrations that live on the guides today.

In a second miracle, I asked Lynn again if she’d be up for making physical paper poster designs of the guides, and see agreed again!

Sorry! The physical posters are no longer for sale, but on the guides themselves, you can download digital copies to print yourself if you like.

Here they are:

You better believe I have it right next to me in my office: