Poll Results: Where Do You Work From?

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Chris Coyier on (Updated on )

Nearly a third of CSS-Tricks readers work from home! Isn’t that crazy? Well I was surprised, anyway. I know working from home is becoming more and more prevalent at companies. I bet a bunch of you are the freelancer types as well. But wow, a third, I never would have guessed that.

Next up at 20% is an “open office” where you have a bunch of tables with computers and multiple people sit at them and work. That’s what the SurveyMonkey office is like. Personally I’m moving from working at home into that environment. That’s where the idea of the poll came from.

If you add up the open office, cubicle, and office with door numbers you get 42% – which is what I’d consider the traditional “go to work” crowd.

I’m also surprised 8% are co-working. That’s pretty cool, I thought that was a fairly niche idea even in our industry and that number shows otherwise. Sad face that 4% are unemployed. You should get a portfolio together and apply for stuff at Authentic Jobs. From what I hear everybody is hiring and it’s kind of a workers market.

New poll probably tomorrow.