Poll Results: What Javascript Library Do You Use?

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…and the jQ’s have it! At the time of this writing over 1500 people have responded to our latest poll “What Javascript Library Do You Use?” making it our biggest poll yet. jQuery is the run-away victor with over 50% of the votes. What does this mean? Just that the beautiful and intelligent readers of CSS-Tricks have a tendency to lean toward jQuery. However, since this site is largely design focused and there was the whole other 50% of votes for the other libraries, I wouldn’t be surprised if a survey on a more developer-based site would yield different results. Here is the breakdown:


MooTools and Prototype were battling for 2nd place with MooTools ultimately taking the lead. I wasn’t surprised to “whichever” with a fair number of votes. That was certainly the boat I was in for a long time. Spry and YUI and the others didn’t get many votes but certainly have their supporters (more power to ya).

I obviously love jQuery and will continue to use that when the situations arise in tutorials here on CSS-Tricks. But I am only one man here and it’s a big internet. You should use whatever you feel most comfortable with.

I’ll leave the poll up for a little while longer if you have yet to weigh in. Then we’ll figure out some other fascinating poll idea. Ideas welcome in the comments!

NEW: I put up a page where you can see all the past polls, and actually still vote in them if you choose. Check out the new CSS-Tricks Polls Page.