Poll Results: What CSS Reset Do You Use?

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As of late yesterday here are the results:


I wasn’t surprised to see the Meyer’s reset in the lead. It is very popular, thoughtful, and effective. I was surprised to “What’s a CSS Reset?” at a narrow second place. In a nutshell, a CSS reset removes default styling from page elements so that you are “starting fresh” with the attributes you choose to apply. This is important for two reasons. One, puts all browsers on a level playing field. Different browsers apply different default styling to elements, so if you are looking to have your website look the same in all the different browsers (you are), a CSS reset is important. Two, it allows you to “think forwards” as far as applying attributes like margin and padding to page elements. Instead of having to “think backwords” in removing attributes from elements, you can only apply them to elements you know need them.

If you want to learn more about the CSS resets, Perishable Press has a pretty nice round up a lot of different ones. I’m going to leave the poll up for a few more days in case anyone else wants to weight in. Those of you that voted “custom”, care to share? For the next poll, I’m gonna try and figure out a way to get voting right inside the post so maybe it’ll work through the feed. We’ll see…