Poll Results: Version Control Usage

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The latest poll on CSS-Tricks was all about version control usage. People voted on how much they use version control, from never to using it on every single project. Here’s the breakdown:

And now a few paragraphs worth of ALT text for that image:

The winning choice was “I use version control on every project I work on” at 35%. I’m not going to beat around the bush here: version control is a good idea and this amount of use is encouraging. Unfortunately the runner up at 29% is “I don’t use version control.” However that means 71% of people have some experience working with it which is awesome.

18% of people use it on “most” projects. That where I’d say I am. All new projects are, but I still have a few old lingering projects that I manage through FTP only. If I were to go back and do any actual work on them though, the first step would be to get them onto version control. No project is “too small.”

4% of people use it about half the time and 14% use it on just a few projects.

Like anything computers, you can get super deep into the world of version control, but the very basics of it are really pretty easy. I have a screencast on using Git through Beanstalk that I think anyone could do.

New poll soon.