Poll Results: Taking a Job You Think is a Stupid Business Idea

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  • Yes, I’d take it. – 68%  
  • No, I’d turn it down. – 32%  

The people who say they would take the job outnumber the people who would not by two to one.

There was a large and interesting conversation about this when the poll went up. Here are some excerpts of points I found interesting:

Everything has its price. Even “shut up and do it”. – Palusko

If you take shitty projects you will end up doing ALWAYS shitty projects. – Murid Rahhal

Attaching your name to something that could potentially be seen as a pile of steaming “something or other” can be detrimental. – Chandler

Don’t you think it’s a bit arrogant to assume that you, a designer, have the credibility, education and experience to qualify a client’s business venture as stupid? – Patrick

I honestly have a hard time focusing on a project that I don’t believe in. – Stephanie

If you ask a builder to build you an ugly shed with flaws (requested), would the builder refuse the work? – Russell Bishop

Do I need the money? Do I need this job for Portfolio reasons? – Rafael Camara

Are you kidding? I do it every day at my “day job”. – Gabe

Personally I feel like I’m in the “No” camp, but I definitely take to heart the arguments on both sides. I mostly just feel that if I can’t get behind the idea and be excited about it, the work is going to suffer and then ultimately I do worse work that I’m less happy about. That’s not a good place to be.

I’ll get a new poll out later this week. I have a few ideas but if you have any as well let me know.