Poll Results on Performance Culture

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Chris Coyier on

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Our latest poll asked:

What’s the web performance situation on your main project?

Then provided five possible answers related to the general attitude of the team as it relates to web performance, ranging from “everybody cares” to “nobody cares”.

With over 13,000 votes, the data is in!

See the Pen Data on Performance Culture by Chris Coyier (@chriscoyier) on CodePen.

The good news is that between “Everybody cares and actively works to maintain and improve.” (19%) and “Some people care, but isn’t often an active priority.” (34%), that’s 54% of projects where that at least multiple people caring about performance. For a subject that feels like it’s only recently been in the spotlight, that seems pretty good.

You gotta feel for the quarter of people who voted “I care, but I’m the single lonely voice.” (26%) and especially for the projects where there is no consensus “There are warring factions. (e.g. dev is on board, but management isn’t)” (8%).

That leaves only “Nobody cares at all.” with only 13% of projects.

You gotta wonder how this will evolve. Will performance awareness and active effort become a bigger thing on projects? Perhaps entire teams like DevOps has become? Or are we at peak performance-caring-abouting?