Poll Results: Internet Connection Speed

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Chris Coyier on (Updated on )

In this latest poll, I asked people to test their own internet connection speed then vote in the poll based on their result. The speed choices ranged from (what I would consider) blazingly fast, to mediocre, to nearly unusably slow. I would have guessed a bell curve, with most people having mediocre speeds and just a few on the edges of extreme fast/slow. We didn’t get that at all.

The results show a pretty even distribution across all the choices.

Interesting, no? If we take anything from this, it should be that we can’t assume anything about what peoples internet connection speed is. There is a pretty darn sizeable group of folks with very slow internet. Optimizing our sites to load fast makes a very big difference to those folks. Whether they actively think about it or not, they’ll be much more likely to visit and stay on your fast loading site than a competitor’s slower loading one.

Full, real time results for this poll and all post polls are in the polls archive.