Poll Results for Conditional Comments

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Chris Coyier on (Updated on )

I’m darn proud of you folks today. In the latest poll which asked:

Do you wish there was conditional comments for all browsers?

More than half of you said: No. That’s anti-web-standards.

It’s like someone dangled a candy bar in front of your face and you said No, I’m on a diet. It’s like you didn’t jump off the bridge even though all your friends were doing it. It’s like you just said no to drugs. It’s like you stop drop and rolled. You are heros for the cause.

I’m not blaming anybody for voting the other way, either. It’s a poll. I asked you your opinion and you gave it. But you gotta admit it’s kinda cool that so many people, when offered something that could help short term problems, gives power to designers, and doesn’t have any immediate obvious drawbacks still said no, we don’t want it. They were able to consider the long term and decided that if we suddenly started implementing easy ways to target and serve special content to specific browsers that that’s a bad thing.

A new poll will replace this one in the sidebar soon.