Poll Results: CSS Frameworks

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Chris Coyier on (Updated on )

How about that for a cool animated GIF chart graphic eh? I’ll have to post how I got that to work sometime.

Well the results are in and it’s a landslide. Over 50% of you said “I don’t use CSS frameworks”. This time I happen to be with the majority. I don’t hate them or anything. If you use a framework and it speeds up your development time and you get good results, more power to you.

In second, 18% of you build and use your own framework. I almost voted this way myself, since sometimes I do start with some VERY basic starter styles. But ultimately I didn’t think that counted as a “framework” really.

It went back and forth for 3nd place between Blueprint and the 960 Grid System, but ultimately 960 won, 11% to 10%.

None of the other major frameworks got more then 3%.

I’ll leave the poll up for a little longer and then retire it to the poll archive. Then we’ll get something new up. Feel free to comment any ideas of polls you’d like to see.