Poll Results: CSS Formatting

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Chris Coyier on (Updated on )

The poll actually had a variety of options, including different options for Multi and Single line formatting. But what I found most interesting is the sheer domination of Multi line:

For the record, I’m a single line guy. Most multi-line people talk about how that style is easier to read. I can understand that, but to me, the scrolling gets laborious. I feel like I can scan single line format just as quickly, and have it more of it available at once in my screen real estate. Do what works best for you though!

And remember this poll is about formatting, not how you organize your selectors, or how your break up your CSS, just purely how you arrange the selectors, brackets, properties, and values. Those other things might make for interesting articles down the road a spell.

I’ll leave this poll up (in the sidebar) for a little while until a new poll drops, then it’s off to the archives.