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I posted about parsing an RSS feed in JavaScript the other day. I also posted about my RSS setup talking about how Feedbin is at the heart of it.

Dave discovered that Feedbin can also produce an RSS feed for all your likes. Likes is a feature of Feedbin, and fortunately also NetNewsWire, which syncs the likes back to Feedbin. You have to flip a settings switch in Feedbin, but then you get a URL for your likes. Here’s mine.

Unfortunately, the feed isn’t CORS ready, so you’ll have to run it through a proxy — but it’s doable.

Those are both JavaScript-powered. Here’s how they work:

I haven’t decided if I’m going to toss one up somewhere. If I do I’ll probably do it with WordPress Transients as I’ve had some experience with that (that’s how the jobs page works, for example).

Also, did you know you could style an RSS feed?