Our Learning Partner: Frontend Masters

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I’d like to think there is a lot to learn on CSS-Tricks. But we don’t really offer much by the way of courses. You’re probably reading this because you just generally read this site, and you land on CSS-Tricks otherwise mostly because you are looking for an answer to some front-end question.

Courses are a really great way to learn though. I’ve done many over my years as a developer, particularly when learning something fairly outside my bubble of things I already know. For example, I don’t reach for TypeScript yet because I don’t really know it and am definitely not comfortable with it. You better believe I’ll be taking a course on it when the time comes that I want to use it on a project.

Where will I find that course? Frontend masters, of course. They are clearly the most high-quality in-depth courses on all things front-end development. They’ve got a course on TypeScript, of course.

So I’m so so glad to announce that Frontend Masters is our official learning partner. I like having an official place to send people to when it’s clear their learning style is video courses, like so many people’s is.

One not-so-little aspect I love about Frontend Masters: the courses are taught in a live environment. So it’s not a head talking into a screen, the courses have the natural energy of a live teaching situation, because they are.

How you’ll see our course recommendations here on CSS-Tricks is through some contextual ads next to articles. Say you’re reading Geoff’s recent article about the dense keyword as part of CSS grid layout. Well, that article is about layout, and Frontend Masters has a comprehensive course on modern CSS layout from Jen Kramer. So as you scroll down that post, you’ll see our course recommendation there, as well as at the bottom of the article.

Try it free

Access to all of Frontend Masters is a paid membership. Access to literally everything they have is $39 a month or $390 a year, with special pricing for teams. But, they have some free stuff if you want to dip your toes and see for yourself if it’s any good.


I feel like this is worth mentioning too. Frontend Masters itself is a website you log into to watch the videos and that’s a great experience. But it’s not the only way. They also have great native mobile apps (iOS / Android), if you prefer that experience.