Office Hours, Now With Themed Sessions

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Chris Coyier on

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Our brand new Office Hours has been going great! We’ve gotten to meet some of you and help you out of some problems.

We’ve learned, though, that many of you just like to listen, talk shop, and don’t necessarily have a problem you need help with right this second. So, we’re going to start having a theme for our sessions. You can still ask any question you want, but during any question-free time, the session leader will show off and teach stuff around that theme.

For example: On September 16th my own session will be around build tools. I have my eye on an open source project that we could fork and add some nice stuff to. On September 18th, Val Head (!) will be web animation themed session. The September 14th session with Lara Schenck will be themed for WordPress. Pretty cool eh?

We’d love to have you at an upcoming Office Hours session! You just need to be a member of The Lodge.