Normalize (CSS) No More.

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Shaun Rashid:

… as I work with building responsive websites where the widening array of devices has changed the way that we design websites, I have fallen back to the age-old statement that answers the question of whether a website needs to look exactly the same in every browser. With the answer to that question, I have found that the reset/normalize stylesheet has become unnecessary.

I wonder how popular not using any sort of reset is already? As you look down the list of things that something like sanitize.css fixes, much of it is for browsers that I’d imagine a lot of people don’t worry too much about anymore, what with the evergreen-ness of most desktop browsers these days. Then remove the opinionated stuff and the stuff with only minor cross-browser differences and there isn’t much left.

I couldn’t live without this though:

* {
  box-sizing: border-box;

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