Next 10 Days: Your Questions, Answered!

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Chris Coyier on (Updated on )

For the next two weeks, I’m going to change up the regular programming! I’ll be back home in Wisconsin for a friends wedding and to visit family and friends, catch some football games, and have fun! So to makes things a little easier on myself, instead of doing the regular tutorials and screencasts that take quite a bit of preparation and time, I’m going to do a few weeks of Question & Answer with you guys!

So if you have a question about CSS (or really anything web design related), feel free to send it in to me through the contact form, directly to me at [email protected], or send me an “@chriscoyier” question on Twitter.

Another way to do it (actually, this might even be better) – is if you post your question to the forums and shoot me a link to it. Obviously I am only doing 10 questions for the blog, but I’d love for as many questions to be answered as possible, so if we do it through the forums then everyone gets a chance to get answered by me and the whole community.

Alright! Looking forward to hearing interesting questions and I hope this is fun. If you hate it, well, I should be back to a regular schedule after I’m back.