There’s lots of great things to catch up on this week. Here's some from us!

✻ Why npm Scripts?: Damon Bauer explains why we might want to experiment with npm scripts instead of Gulp or Grunt tasks. 

✻ 2016 Front-End Conferences: If you’re looking to hit up some design or development conferences this year, maybe our guide can help you choose one. Includes a subscribable Google Calendar!

✻ Building a Jekyll Site: In a three part series, Mike Neumegen talks us through how to get started with Jekyll, why we might want to use CloudCannon to help edit the content, and how to use Firebase to build a totally custom commenting system entirely on the front end.

✻ An interview with Andy Fitzsimon about logomono: Andy’s project is a collection of one-color SVG logos and Chris’ interview with him dives into some interesting tricks for optimizing SVGs.

What we’ve been reading, listening and watching

The future of loading CSS:
Jake Archibald shows an interesting method for loading CSS in an HTTP/2 world. Currently, a stylesheet it blocks the rendering of all content, but the new method would only block the rendering of subsequent components that follow it: developers would be encouraged to add a link to the stylesheet in the just before the component itself. 

Introducing Vector Networks

The pen tool as we know it today was originally introduced in 1987 and has remained largely unchanged since then. We decided to try something new when we set out to build the vector editing toolset for Figma. Instead of using paths like other tools, Figma is built on something we’re calling vector networks which are backwards-compatible with paths but which offer much more flexibility and control.


In other news around the web...

A note from the archives

Have you experienced an infuriating CSS bug recently? Maybe you need to make a reduced test case to find out what the heck is going on with all that code. It could be the browser, it could be the user’s environment, or it could be something weird with the network.

But maybe it’s just a tiny layout bug that’s driving you crazy, like the spacing between two elements. Perhaps a tool like Pesticide can help you figure that out.


What's on your mind this week?

Chris Coyier: As much as I love style guides, and I love style guides, I wonder if we're at Peak Style Guide. I've seen logos and mascots. I've seen dedicated sites and open repos begging for contributions. I've gotten generic emails from marketing companies peddling some companies style guide.

Everybody's way isn't the One True Way. The whole point of a style guide is to guide the particular style of some specific brand. AM I CRAZY? The success of your style guide is how useful it is, not how many stars it has.

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