New T-Shirts! New Store!

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Hey hey everybody, I made some new shirts! I wanted some T-Shirts that were more of just the straight CSS-Tricks logo type. So I had some made up. While I was at it, I moved the entire store system (as you do).

Now on Shopify

The store is now hosted on Shopify.

UPDATE:The store isn’t on Shopify anymore. Shopify is awesome and I still highly recommend it. I just wanted to split off the CSS-Store and bring it into WordPress-land with the rest of the site, so I’m doing that for now.

I used to use Wufoo for all the sales. Wufoo is really great at payment forms, for stuff like a single T-Shirt or a paid event or something like that. But it doesn’t really have shopping cart functionality, inventory, or shipping integration – and for that reason – I’ve moved over to Shopify.

This was my first time really digging into Shopify and it’s pretty fantastic software. I’d absolutely recommend it. It’s great how much control you have. Perhaps I’ll do some more tutorials on it in the future.

New Shirts!

Heyyyy that’s pretty Halloween-y isn’t it? You could go as a front end developer.

The logo on the lighter shirt is roughed up a bit.

Old Shirts!

All the old favorites are there as well. And the CodePen and ShopTalk shirts are in there as well.

Limited Time Discount Offer

Now through Friday, use code CSSRULEZ for 15% off any order of anything.

Stocked and ready to go!

Purchasing this swag helps support CSS-Tricks. That means supporting me, and the few people that work for CSS-Tricks keeping it going. It means helping pay for the software and service costs that keep this site up, safe, and secure. It also helps the fun stuff like being able to commission open source stuff and hire industry people to make the site even better.