New Poll: You get this email…

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Chris Coyier on

Maybe you know the kind. It’s from someone you’ve never met, but it sounds like good news. They have an idea for new web thing. They know what you do, and they want your help. In fact, they want to cut you in on it, perhaps co-found this company. Control over the parts that matter to you. It’s a decent idea. Not mind-blowing, but lots of ideas seem kind mediocre at first right? It’s what you do with them, you think.

But the email is worded kinda poorly. Not a great sign for a first email, it seems like. Not quite spam, but it flirts with that vibe.

That’s what this poll is about.

It doesn’t matter if the email turns out to be legit or not. I just want to know what you’re next move is.

The poll question (and possible answers) are embedded on the site. Sidebar on largeish screens, somewhere down the tube on smallish screens.