New Poll: What is your favorite CMS?

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There is a new poll in the sidebar folks. This one is about Content Management Systems (CMS). There was a pretty good comment thread going a little while ago which sparked the idea for this poll.

I’ve always been a WordPress guy, and now with the ability to easily create different page templates for different page styles, I feel like it really has evolved into a “real” CMS instead of just a blogging platform. However, I am extremely curious and interested in other CMSs and what they have to offer. To me, it seems like Drupal or Joomla would be a smarter route to take if you were creating a site that was segmented into different major areas, each with kind of a life of it’s own. For example, DZone has sub-sites like Javalobby and Eclipse Zone. Each of these have different leaders, different RSS feeds, different looks… I think that would be hard to do with WordPress, much easier with Drupal. Am I right?

Cast your vote in the sidebar and let’s see which CMS reins supreme favorite amongst CSS-Tricks readers. Remember you can view and participate in past polls on the Polls page.