New Poll: Site Title Structure

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Chris Coyier on (Updated on )

The new poll is up in the sidebar of the site. This time it’s about the structure of page titles. Literally, the <title> tag in the head of a site that gives the browser window/tab its title. I’m just asking for your “favorite”, as in, personal preference. Take that how you will, we can discuss the reasonings in the comments and in the poll wrap-up post. The official question:

Of these choices, what is your favorite page title structure for blog article in a specific category?

So there are three bits of relevant information of this page that we’ll be dealing with:

  • Article title
  • Category
  • Site name

The poll options are various configurations of those three things.

Maybe we can do a follow-up poll on favorite separators. I like the vertical bar. Wufoo uses the &middot; a lot which I also like. I dislike the little arrows. Tangent alert.