New Poll: Server Side Languages

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Chris Coyier on (Updated on )

A bit of a cookie-cutter poll this time, but sometimes those lead to the biggest and most interesting discussions. This is for the folks around here who are more of web developers than web designers:

What is your server-side language of choice?

Poll is on the site in the sidebar for your voting pleasure (now moved to the archives).

Many of you probably know multiple languages. Some of you probably are forced to write in particular languages for your job. For this poll, choose the language that you actually like the most.

And yes, I know there are more choices than in the list, that’s what “Other” is for, and I’d love to hear what those others are and why you prefer that language. For example, I’ve been hearing more and more about server-side JavaScript. Also if it’s not obvious, this is sans-framework. If you like Rails, clearly that’s Ruby. Django is Python. CodeIgnitor is PHP. Etc, etc.