New Poll: Personal Earnings from Completed Client Sites

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Chris Coyier on (Updated on )

New poll! This is going to be part of a little series on “web developer economics” that we got started with this post on monthly costs. Let’s focus on incoming cash instead of outgoing for a moment.

For those who build websites for clients: the average amount of money (USD) you personally earn from a completed website is closest to:

The poll is in the sidebar. RSS readers will have to make the jump. Possible answers go between under $1,000 and over $20,000.

Important point here: the poll says amount you personally earn. This isn’t how much your company charges or your personal gross. It’s your personal net. So let’s say you have a three person shop who are all equal. You on average charge $10,000 for a website and have $2,000ish in expenses, you’d be taking home around $2,500.